Sunday, January 29, 2012

You find out who your friends are - Tracy Lawrence

A year later, I can match the words of Tracy Lawrence and say, I've found out who my friends are... thanks to all of those that have made the sacrifice to send packages, pray for me and so many other things, thanks to those that have taken the time to handwrite letters, i love those so much, a year away from home to see who's willing to take the time to stay in touch with you means a lot, and also kinda get an idea of maybe what wasn't a good interest of time before the mission, lots has changed, and with a year left I aim to work hard and go out fighting, thanks to all of those who have written and will continue to write, and if you still haven't, you still have time... not meaning to call anyone out or insult with that... haha

Elder Scotty George
BP 5094
Antananarivo 101
From my Talata Maty balcony yesterday afternoon.

Like I said... You find out who your friends are.

My inheritance and goodies from Mad Dad and Berlin. 
Elder Landon is super smart and knows everything about everything. 

Elder Walker, this smile looks nice now... then gets much bigger  when he beats  you in cards... 

My 'office' ... I spy with my little eye, an epic drawing from Berlin,
a doublemint gum container
Kraft mac and cheese
a 69 dodge coronet super bee,
President SWK
Sour Patch Kids
Monkeys not from a barrel or banging cymbals
a sick 58 F100
some sick hats,
and Madsen's dad's cars.

Got a dearelder package from Gerry Ewing this week, thanks so much!

Berlin, i miss our phone calls man... i'm really digging the stance of this little nova on the end of my desk as i study each morning... what I study, the PMG, the curves of the fastback, the standard works..; you know, the good stuff

First baptism in Ambohimanarina, his dad has a couple cars I might get to paint!

Me and Elder Prochnow smile at zone conference thinking this time next year he'll be listening to me speak at my home ward vs giving uplifting and encouraging words to the zone... 

This kinda goes for the mission in general if you ask me... 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

and goodbye for now...

The scooter was kinda beat up, but why would i pass up the opportuity

Majority of our Antsirabe zone with President Noel and my grandfather 

I'm sorry I would never trade my truck for this

2013. Start warming the tires. 

I just tried to smile like a year ago the last time I said goodbye to my other father 

And on his death evening, I made sure to eat the Spongebob Macaroni in his honor

Elder Landon got some chops too, I sang at the side of the piano

Kind of weird to see a church building like this again after attending meetings in Tents etc the last 6 months

This is Pascal, Elder Landon's friend

the Family that fed us almost daily the entire time in Antsirabe, best rice and loaka in the Be

Me and Tahiata both left artwork for them to put up, his is on the other wall 

Grandpa Tahiry's scooter

Monday, January 16, 2012

I saw a spider I didn't scream...

Farewell to Elder Lestarge!

awesome photography and multitasking skills i know... I had a many near crash experiences these last few days haha

Peace Out.

New drink of choice. coke is out. So send the Dr Pepper to reward me for breaking the habit, already 2 weeks and no caffeine headaches, however without the coke in my stomach to kill anything that might try to grow, I do worry a bit... 

Thats it, my last Ibity trip

and my last 50km on that bike... in the 2 months since Evans left this bike has easily gotten 1500km on it... 

This guy tried to jump on my bike

As you can see the Ibity church building is still under construction

Elder Worthen had a nice bike accident this week, check out that watch tan!

While I made desserts and helped Elder Worthen out, my comp went on splits and brought home a chameleon... 

President Pierre and his wife, he thanked me for all I've done out here to get Ibity and Besoa progressing

And the senior couple from Tahiti that had us for dinner Friday night, they speak broken english, i speak broken french, we get along great, he's a car guy! 

This is exactly what it looks like, Manondona has been known to bring missionaries to their knees... 

Dentist appointment!! 

I almost offered to buy this off his back

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cause I'm going down in flames for you!

See all three of you on the other side. 

Pinstripes make everything look better - Scott Clark, thanks2frank.com

We visited the Catholic Cathedral this week, way cool 

Biscuits and gravy, together with the mountain man minus the potatoes

There used to be a raging river here we had to jump across 

deep fried hard boiled egg, there ya go Tina, they exist

We left the house for five minutes... 

2 days worth of rain

Okay okay i realize this is an interesting picture, i would like to point out the neck tan line along with the three degree arm farmers tan