Monday, June 25, 2012

When the bottle's your best friend... - Week 72

Someday, maybe...

All of my pants are now being held together with safety pins.

Closest you will see to chips ahoy... its not at all the same

mindahy lefana irehe

I don't think they like each other Wilson... 

Come on man there has got to be a Carl's Jr on here somewhere... 

One more week and we will say goodbye to my favorite car on the calendar... 

To Joey at CarQuest, there is the hissing cochroach you described... it however is not as big as my forearms... 

Just like Sunday dinner back home... minus the 13000 ariary whip cream yikes!

This guy said what up on our kitchen window last night... 

Please let the Vingt Six be over already. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

I've been waiting a long time... - Week 71

You are looking and thinking the problem here is that my hair is the shortest it has ever been in my life... yes even shorter than when i was born I think... that 3mm is not the problem you see, it is those there bolts... 

When you install a new dryer... just like using metal brackets on a cars frame to the exhaust without rubber, it creates some violent shaking causing your washing machine to scare the whole neighborhood including the guardian as it shakes its way out of the shed out back 

Elder Worthen, master studier

Something is wrong when you resort to hot cocoa and marshmallows on a morning on the coast.. 

I love helping people in 2WD trucks.

Elder Wilson doesn't like katsaka so much.. 

What you can't see is the paintjob on this bus matches the 194 that goes Home! It didn't take us there... 

Quite literally, driven into the ground... 
Some investigators decided to cook their rice with their old 'reading material' from other 'missionaries'

Chances are good you will never understand a word this kid says even if you are fluent in Merina

Monday, June 11, 2012

I've been keepin busy all time - Week 70

Missionary in action.

look at this a neighborhood with actual streetlights and cars parked on the street. that is not normal here. 

My branch president has some legit Hot Wheels on his mantel.

62 Chevy Apache, chopped, scalloped and slammed

His house also has a panic button! 

haha don't look to hard to figure out the problem with this picture... 

Landon's hump day... we went and got some good food. 

Ignore the coke label... these are the fixins for good ol fashion'd root beer when you have no dry ice. the coke bottle contains the result. Didn't think Root Beer didn't exist here now did ya? i want a frosty mug.

Mada scout patches from a Lutheran sponsored troop.

boys may grow into men... but some tastes and toys never change.

Bendy straw... I am most certainly 20 years old. No mom that is not the baby blue tie, look a bit closer.  Thats the one you sent me. This One's For You.

This is exactly why you are advised to cut up plastic bags etc before throwing them away... this guy ran around like super man with me chasing him for ten minutes before the lady next door yanked the bag off of him...