Monday, August 22, 2011

Whats a rerun?!

Everyone proceeded to call me Harry Potter during hte service project

Whats that painting with the farmer and his wife, we couldn't find the kid with the pitchfork in time 

Joe Bailey 'Scotty, workin hard or hardly workin?!'

with the other helping hands 

These are my mission parents/trainers, mother is a native and father's an AP


He has crushes on like all these girls 

We had to ride in the Fareea's car to church as he's been forbidden to ride the bike

Berlin tries to teach Elder Slater about a 5.9 Cummins... Slater tried to follow... 
Breakfast and instruction from President Donnelly this morning, he also taught me to play Rubgy today

Team effort to stack the rings on point C, notice the Panic! shirt 

President's PDay in Antsirabe, with our dessert after lunch! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Take me somewhere warm...

My sickly companion... 

This just kinda screamed Storyvilletime to me... 

allo? allo?

Guitar purchase celebration. PS I found a baby blue tie, next, mint green!

My 3 Favorite pairs. 

My father the stack on top, my most loyal weekly writer. Love you Dad

Other birthday purchases

Bought bigger photo album, with the important pics, i can still advertise to companions right? ;)

Like i said, other important photos, the fam

My 7th (really my 9th but i sold two) guitar, i'm not counting the uke in that number. Simple but will get the job done for 18 more months. and then we're going to beat it up at camp fires.

Malagasy coins. the 50 is the equivalent of pretty much two and a half cents... 

Malagasy Bills 

Other side!
Brothers in Wrenches

some new little painting supplies from bday cash... ASTRO is no longer burgers, its paint!

yes i think its beautiful too, and it took me only 20 minutes.

haha guitar, teal capo, pink shirt with black stripes, skinny jeans, chucks, epic sunglasses, hoky facebook style photo, check.

the Pousse Pousse restaurant booths... they're like pousse's without wheels!

20... and content.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm 20 where has the time gone?!!!

You could say I wasn't feeling very well... 

Grandma Connie, I bought this tie, that amazing tie plus the Grandpa Howell glasses with a small part of my birthday money from you!

50 brochette countdown, next time I'm going for 100



This is a post box in Mada

Mom, Don't kill me, I bought some skinny jeans... i couldn't really try them on before i purchased them... this just loooks like Junior high flashback with the skull wristbands and all 

My grandfather (ex missionary) with my mother!

Read closely... Keep out of the Peach!

This is packed with people in back

This one too...

our 2 dollar glasses collections continue to grow

Elder Horsley requested I draw on his guitar...

ya I was pretty impressed too for a homemade brush. Last Pday's work

Gift from my housemates, either my shirt is way too big, or its a bit small... 'i saw that tie and those scripture cases and your other ties and your journal and i just knew we had to get black and white!'