Monday, September 26, 2011

We ought to buy you a Cadillac! Week 34

We ought to buy you a cadillac! - Ok Go... then maybe I can wear that hat in a car that matches?
One of my families knows of my love for cars... so they gave me this Southern California speedway shirt they found! small but the thought that counts!

Clean up pretty nice after 8 months ya?

My beautiful Evasion Seriè 4 that went missing Sunday morning... 

Hooray PDay Eve after work!

Hi Ho Silver Lining - The Beatles

Elder Evans' and his incapacitated bike mosey their way along

talk about a sturdy sidewall

A good day's work, you show me a state side missionary that comes home this clean every night!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Who says you can't pick up chicks on your mission?!

Sick little GTI!

Our tent of a church building in Ibity is experiencing the harsh conditions of the sun... 

I thought there was only one flavor of Sunkist...?

We rode in this little 'Kinga' all the way to Manondona for the Baptism

Our 4 Baptizee's myself and our DMB (Branch mission leader)

River Baptism!

Classic Red and White on Black!

Evans tries to ask if we can enter the home of the mole people...
Who says you can't pick up chicks on your mission?!

RJ you should replace your Camaro Jacket with one of these... only 45000 ariary!

Monday, September 12, 2011

You ought to find yourself a girl mate!

Looking back to the MTC, gonna miss ya Lefrandt, good luck, God Be With You til We Meet Again
Burns' Lemon Bars
Berlin's Brownies, My cinnamon Rolls for the Missionary Devotional last night in honor on 9/11

They might be making these for island conference, i had nothing to do with them i promise.

The first 100 of 200 brocets that I ate on Saturday night

Doesn't Elder Evans look so happy to be there haha

This is little Brochet Buddy, i shared pepsi with him and bought him a few brochets as well 

Check it out, that little girl has a smaller version of my heart shaped lens Katy Perry sunglasses

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon! or pepsi...

Horsley's camera has some weird settings like this

There was a carnival last Pday, they had COTTON CANDY!!!

Yes this guy shampoo'd my hair after my buzz

Dad, these are for you, yes there is a scouting program here, but I couldn't really understand what they said the highest rank was... there are supposedly only 4 ranks in the Mada Scouting Program... There main purpose is to go around and kill chameleons as they supposedly bring bad luck... go figure? 'What'd you do this weekend?' 'Oh nothin, just got my fifth Chameleon Murderer Merit Badge...'

Branch Missionary Boot Camp... 

Hitchhikin back from the Dona with my new comp, Elder Evans

Yes I am eating sugar cane, and you're not, so please be extremely jealous

This week's important lesson for future housekeeping... Coke Bottle pressure can send the cap flying and break the light bulb above you... and shower you in coke... 
Yes the pressurized gas from the bulb poofed everywhere in the living room

Nonetheless, I still love the Coke here... 

But you must know dad, that Pepsi was on sale last week... (and this was my 7 month mark dinner)
So I bought almost the whole lot of it... 
Fun little Pday Practice

A nice little idea, one day someone will add KEEP ON ROLLIN to it and I will be the shirt designer for a year... 
Enough said.