Monday, August 27, 2012

My heart is sinking as I'm lifting, up above the clouds away from you... - Week 81

I passed on to Nary the tie I got from Flint, his favorite missionary to ever
step foot in Fort D. He sends in his mission papers soon. 

The one and only sunrise I went and saw in Fort. 

Pretty jealous when you get a letter from your buddy in Brazil and
he's got those cruising down the street in his mission... 

Paradise to fog and gloom, but I'm excited to be here. 

See that happy guy front and center. that's my new comp, and
that boy, sure likes to run. He was the pace setter
for his buddy back home that just competed in the Olympics.

Monday, August 20, 2012

You're in the middle of the ride... - Week 80

From a few weeks back, my hair has obviously grown since then 
Elder Wilson told everyone to do a silly face... apparently they didn't understand

Our Branch President and his family back before Landon left.
He would often say "Donnelly niteny tamiko hoe: Izaho nandefa
ny misionera ianak'efatra amin'ny tsara indrindra mba hiasa an'i
Fort Dauphin." 

Those are sea urchins...

A number of our investigators, a member, and the bracelet seller from the airport

Southwick almost stepped on that bad boy... 

There goes Southwick and Goff. See you in January.

My name is Tom Riddle.

If you are ever teaching somebody and they all start yelling and pointing to the ocean...
You should probably look. You just might see a whale.

Well, I used most of my birthday money to buy excellent food this time around
as I already have most of my souvenirs... this stuff was amazing. 

Iceberg Drive Inn needs to get the Iceberg Cola in their fountains.

From scratch I made Sweet N Sour Sauce, and ended the week on a good
note by eating Sweet N Sour Chicken... 

 'I am the Master of Disguise... I'm going to go into my shell now
Turtle turtle turtle!'

Sunday, August 12, 2012

All I want is to have my peace of mind - Week 79

"When all is said and done... the most important thing to do, is to preach the gospel." -Joseph Smith

Look! It is real grass! I haven't seen this since... since America!

It even feels real!

Sweater vests, for the win. 

Happy Birthday, huh, Look who showed up on my porch that morning.
Best Birthday I could have asked for. 

We're still laughing about this one... we about made her fall over
by making her laugh even more... Right after we taught the Law of Chastity
and modesty too... 

Southwick brought me a souvenir from his snorkeling adventure...
He can do those kinds of things you know, he's not a missionary!

He brought back something else too... it cost him a dollar

and boy was it gross... 

"William Turner... Doo yooo feeer death?!"

Yes I know, my shirt is no longer white. Smoothest Baptismal Program
of my mission. It just went so well. 

This is the first guy we found together back in June.

Monday, August 6, 2012

ADAMS SONG - Week 78

From a letter I recently received...

"I am so excited for you to get home! 
We will run amuck in your truck!"

Sr Dolores gets her mission call to the Ivory Coast

Elder Wilson! I believe we've tracted into a dinosaur's rib!

Go with the flow. Its delicious, and that day, it was free.

Nary makes a sacrifice to help fun his mission by selling his surfboard

While we waited FOREVER for the plumber... I took matters into my own hands,
and put that rack on the wall for pots and pans... 

Happy 18 Month Mark. Aug 2 2012. Party like a Rockstar. No just drink one
that everyone has been trying to steal out of the fridge since March

Every missionary dreams of finding an Orange T Shirt. I got one.
(Orange is our equivalent to T Mobile or something)

Okay kid, hold to the rod, the iron rod... 

Okay this is what you are going to do... 

You can see him but he can't see you... now watch as he takes a trip down the street of life
and many try to tempt or stop him... 
No don't follow that guy! 

Thats right go past Satan's Helpers and make it to the end!
(I learned these from my trainer. The branch loved them.)

All the mail and yooks that made their way down here just in time for
my birthday this week. Thank you everyone. 

Thank you Cyler Horsley, you know me too well. Try to pick out the muscle car
somewhere on that t shirt.