Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby lets get out of this town - Carrie Underwood

This is Rain. 

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'All of your shirts will come home gray green or yellow' - Zane Busteed

Ya this was pretty amazing... mostly 

What Thanksgiving would be complete without a nap?!

I'm starting to lean towards chicks with black hair now... 

Elder Robinson finds a new friend... 

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RJ this one is for you, this guy looks just like Burt Reynolds to me.

Elder Evans left me a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese... hey mom look I'm wearing my rain coat!

You don't realize just how good that stuff is until its been more than 10 months since you've had it... 

Hey look Me and Elder Robinson actually had a picture together before we even met! he's just over my left shoulder


Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria

Reminds me of Camp Steiner, only I couldn't get in to tell you if it was FREEZING or not

Short devotional on the water's edge at Lake Tritriva this morning (pronounced CHI CHEEVA) Elder Watts leads the hymn. As we sang called to serve and he lead with both hands he flexed his arms as we sang the word strength and then continued... I love that kid

This is me and my Poppa, and yes that is a COMP CAMS hat. At home you have to purchase a like 500 dollar cam kit just to get the papers inside with an orderform for it and then pay another 20 bucks for it... I got it for a dollar and already have probably 900 dollars worth of COMP products under my hood...

Elder Curtis came along for the trip as he is now working in the office with Elder Madsen

Pizza Inn Friday night with Elder Evans and his parents

COMP CAMS... annoying my neighbors, since I built my motor.

Romantic moment.

'Elder George, what does mean green light?' (while teaching English class)

Manondona this weekend!

Mother and her daughter out in the Dona, sorry I'm not supposed to give out names... 

Welcome Home, he got his hair back!  Scott and Scotty together again! He gave me that big bag of gummy bears mmmm 

Elder Evans' and his parents attended the baptism Saturday morning

'Bring out your dead...' 'I'm not dead yet!' 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

speaking words of wisdom, let it be

So feel free to check out the links to the right of the blog under LINKS AND VIDEOS that go to the LDS.ORG page with coverage from Elder Nelson's visit back in October.  -Elder Scotty George

Not all that dirty after dismantling the old bikes, but still a taste of home... 

These are rather expensive... but I'd really like to try the Wasabi and soy sauce ones! the Habanero BBQ ones are awesome, Dad and I ate those things like they were candy... 

I'm really hoping that bike rides exceeding 20km are considered as 'hard work'

Here with some people from English class along with Tsiry who moved down here from Tana 

This guy is way cool... 

Baptism last weekend in Besoa

This one is for Madsen, a bebe, being baptized. 

Elder Evans. 

This is a hand powered ferris wheel that I rode for 1000 ariary

Inner tubes are not supposed to do this... 

A new way to exterminate bugs. Critters in our house are literally, dropping like flies

This is my baby lizard, Jim. Jim takes great interest in supercharged flatheads. 

No comment... 

Last minute tuning.. 

The new fleet for here in the Be

This weekend in Manondona

Ya i'm kinda tall compared to these people...