Monday, October 29, 2012

My Fender Strat sits all alone, collecting dust in the corner! - Week 90

This is what every child needs to be happy. An Ice cream cone.

After not touching a brush in over 6 months, I am very sorry to hurt your eyes with this...
I have got a lot of practicing to do come January...
hopefully a new brush and quality american 1 shot will also make up
for some of the 'handicaps' i dealt with doing this...

Hey look, we got a real sign for the church! And sent the ones I made
off to one of my former areas, Ibity.

This is how you know your sister loves you.

That is a house. Look again. It really is.

Alright, we are going to lay bricks in the ground to outline the key and
3 point line... those won't trip people...

I lost my blue marker... Lee doubled the order so I could send him one...

This is true. Unless of course
A - You are a Missionary. Then its the busiest day ever.
B - You are a Bishop/Branch President, Counselor, Clerk or Stake Officer...
C - You are a Missionary that either is or has a companion that is
a Branch President etc...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Everything around me seems so much different from where I'm from - Week 89

Desires dictate our priorities, 
priorities shape our choices, 
and choices determine our actions.
-Elder Dallin H. Oaks

We become what we want to be by
being what we want to become, every day.
-Elder Richard G. Scott

TSIKY! actually that is her name...

Two of the biggest men in the church here in Mada... Just chillin eatin crackers

Alright Ma'am you're good to go for another 10000 miles...

This is my new mom here in Ambositra. I find a mom in every area.

Quarters seem really small these days compared to Malagasy change...

Not really sure what he is fishing for here...

Zay zan... Tena Marina

"Did you just yell America when you stepped on the accelerator?"

Sadly, I think this is the bike that was stolen from me a year ago... made it all the way to Ambositra


Monday, October 15, 2012

He woke up from dreamin and put on his shoes/Can't Stop Won't Stop, I must be Dreaming/On the Blvd of Brkn Dreams - Week(s) 86-88

Sorry for the 3 week delay on pictures... hopefully
this week will make up for the gap... I find myself
working so much I hardly stop to take pictures these days
unless its with the people I am working with and teaching...
So here's a few weeks catch up game,
hopefully we'll find a better cyber in AMBOSITRA
so I can send them home more than 2x before I 
step of the plane on Jan 4th 2013.
Love you all, Enjoy,

Elder Scotty George

Cottonwood High Boys. Its Colt Time.

Check out this guys saw...

yet he made his with it....

This looks pretty normal... Found a new home for my old magazines...

Not sure what kind of relief you get from being DUM...?

This just seems like tradition now.

The art of making Kaka.

Check out that oven.

Shift knob #3. F100 era Ford logo.

Yes the sides of that are ebony... and that is this pinstripers future brush box.

Teaching the YSA how to preach the gospel...

Rivo is a pro cake maker.

That. Is. Didy.

We finally found Odette. She is so cool. She said she would come back to church for me.

Matthew got the MP this weekend and is planning to serve a mission a year from now.

'You guys killed the alligator, but I got the glory... Thank you!' -Fr. Tsiferina