Monday, November 26, 2012

cause its true... I am nothing, without you... - Week 94

Alma 26:12

When you are dying in toothache pain,
its nice to have mom's shoulder to die on... 

A year later the squeaky horn is still rocking the streets of Antsirabe

Peters goes home this week... kind of weird when he is the person going home
before you and he says, see you at your homecoming in January.
Just a few weeks.

Check out the driver of this guy... We sent him for the ride of his life

I think he digs the sidepipes... 

Enough for the family... and the missionaries

This is wrapping paper for another little boy that likes cars... 

Jason also has a growing collection of Hot Wheels now... 

This is Rova. Some of you may know him from when
he couldn't talk or walk or do anything...
Those days are over.

Ambositra in its entirety.

Ignore the devil worshipper grafitti.
Last Comp.

I forgot my eyepatch... its okay, next time.

'Have you ever had a Stoney Ginger?'
First Comp.

Monday, November 19, 2012

I've finally found a good reason to come home... - Week 93

Save your stamps.
I'll be home before your letter makes it to me.
Love you all, thanks for writing,
See  you at the end of December.
-Elder Scotty George
A regular occurence.
White chicks. Black hair.

you think she would not be disgusted by that which she is cooking...


These are Malagasy Smiles.

Rova is a boss.
This is a lot closer than it was when this was drawn a year and a half ago.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I don't want this moment, to ever end... - Week 92

The final, or second to last haircut before packing up.

My sister sent me some hawaiian lovin'... I didn't have a rearview to hang it from...
So sambatra President Prochnow got her.. and his comp is hawaiian,
lucky guys with a truck...

We continue to introduce people to American food. Today, Milkshakes.

I promise I didn't do it!

the branch loves President Lee... a lot.
Ride of a lifetime, surprisingly in a Renault. Take me to lunch and I'll tell you the story.
Our member is learning english... and this was in his book...


Monday, November 5, 2012

Fun fun fun till her daddy takes the TBird away... - Week 91

"I wish that I could watch through a keyhole in the door, the work that you are doing..."
-Grandma Mackay to Dad...

"I don't recall sleeping much the last few months of my mission. We got home late,
and would just get up and be out the door early the next morning... We had work
to do, and I didn't want to leave any stone unturned... 
Wear yourself out on this home stretch, it will be over before you know it..."

Like Father Like Son.

"I wish that I could sit in on your teaching experiences and listen
like a fly on the wall sort of scenario..."
-Grandma Connie to myself...
That's great, only flies are so numerous here, we swat at them constantly... 
and keyholes are non existent... everyone has padlocks...
the idea is understood, but taken literally, you could be squished ;)

Hot Wheels. Bringing families closer together since 1968.

Everyone needs a pair of pinstriped sunglasses for their birthday... 

That is Ambositra... You can walk from the far end to the other far end in
just under an hour.

Doesn't this look like something from Moab rather than a destroyed house?


Check the hat. Saturday church cleaning, sporting SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT.

"Do you think this deck is stable?" "Don't know, don't care, lets get a picture...
If I fall through, the blur on the camera will make a great story..."

"What do you mean i can't pay for the caramelled pork with Lincoln?!
What about George?"